Enroll in automatic monthly tuition payments and make your life simpler.  It's easy and saves you money! 

Your tuition will be charged to your payment method of choice on the first of each month.  Simply choose the tuition amount appropriate to your program from the drop-down menu and click the "Automatic Billing" button below to enroll.

If you are not yet a student, please contact us first to book your free lesson!

Monthly Tuition Rates as of September 1st, 2018:

Kids Ukulele Classes*$125 - $145 ($140 - $160 without AutoPay)

Teen/Adult Ukulele Classes*$130 - $150 ($145 - $165 without AutoPay)

Kids Guitar Classes*$145 - $165 ($160 - $180 without AutoPay)

Teen/Adult Guitar Classes*$150 - $170 ($165 - $185 without AutoPay)

Ukulele Private Lessons$150 ($165 without AutoPay)

Guitar and Bass Guitar Private Lessons$185 ($200 without AutoPay)

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Save money by enrolling in auto billing today!

Save money by enrolling in auto billing today!

* For members of our Class Program, when a class has only one student in it, the monthly class rate will temporarily increase $20 the following month until another student joins the class.  Students will be notified in advance of this change.  Once another student joins the class, the monthly rate will return to the normal class rate the following month.  For more details on our class program, click here.